Ever imagined how Pokémon was in the past, how people would compete and how everyday life would be. Well look no further, Pokemon Generations RPG is unlike any other RPG! It brings the past to the present making a whole new experience come to life. With endless amount of fun and challenges we also bring you features like live maps, battle, global trade system and gyms.

News & Updates
v2.05B: Reputable Challenge Champions.

by Gin.A on 09 Jul 2017

  • 1. Monster Park and Generations Park Prize now have a 3rd place reward.
  • 2. Monster Park/Generations Park 1st place now wins 20,000 reputation as well.
  • 3. Monster Park/Generations Park 2nd place now wins 10,000 reputation as well.
  • 4. Monster Park/Generations Park 3rd place now wins 5,000 reputation.
  • 5. Golden Azelf is no longer goldenisable.
  • 6. Golden Lugia goldenisation level increased from 6500 to 10,000.
  • 7. Hall of Fame now has reputation bonuses to many of its achievements. For the past members who have already claimed the rewards, you can submit screenshots of your achievements via forums or discord to re-claim these bonus reputation points!
  • 8. New held-item Leftovers available at the Pokemart!
  • 9. New held-item Noble Crown available at the Token Shop!